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Can you remove ice or snow that has been compressed?
At Snow Removal Denver, we're a full solution, so we are able to deal with ice. In many situations, we may use methods other than plowing to prevent property damage and remove compressed snow or ice.
How many times will you plow if I have a package plan?
That really depends on how many times it snows, but the technical answer is unlimited. If you have a contract with us and snow or ice is blocking your property, we'll be on our way to take care of it.
Are you available for emergency or last-minute response?
Most definitely. We know that it's impossible to predict the weather, so our snow removal services will be ready to go anytime there's a storm. Simply call us and we'll get a team on their way to your location.
What do you do if there are cars parked where you need to plow?
The first option is to ask the car to be moved. If that's not a possibility, then we'll remove the snow we can reach by going around the parked car. Any night when you know there will be a storm, it's best to move your car to the street.
How much do your snow removal services cost?
Each customer has different needs, so we calculate each price on a case-by-case basis. Most of our customers choose either a single event service or a package plan for the entire winter.
Are you licensed for snow removal work in Denver?
Snow Removal Denver is fully compliant with the law and every member of our team has all of the relevant certifications, licenses, and insurance for any piece of equipment they operate or service they perform.

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